Why Wealth-Creation Starts With Your Money Story

Your Money Story holds the beliefs you have about money. 

And that makes your Money Story one of THE most powerful influences on your ability to create, use, and grow wealth. 

Because your beliefs dictate what you think, feel, and do around your finances. 

The trouble is most people have a disempowering Money Story because our society made money a taboo. 

No wonder so many people suffer from money-related guilt, stress, shame, resentment, frustration, anxiety etc. In turn, we make bad financial decisions, sabotage our ability to create wealth, and feel disempowered by money.

The good news is you can rewrite your Money Story, and in this article, I’m going to show you how. 

But first, a story to put the power of Money Stories into context…

Can money be spiritual? 

The best example I have of Money Stories happened at an Eckhart Tolle retreat I attended last year. 

Eckhart is one of my spiritual heroes. His books have had a massive impact on my spiritual journey, and the retreat was a highlight of my year. 

I remember feeling extremely grateful when I got the opportunity to ask him a question during one of the Q&A sessions. Of course, my question was about money, but as I asked it, I was shocked to hear the audience release a collective gasp! 

This reaction was an incredible wake-up moment for me. Here I was in a room full of successful, spiritually aware people. We’d all paid four-figures to be there, yet the mere mention of money got everyone triggered and uncomfortable. 

I invite you to reflect on my experience for a moment and grasp the craziness of this situation. 

Whether we like it or not, money is the thread that flows through everything. Money was the reason we were able to attend that event – and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that! As a society, we’ve decided to use money as our medium of exchange – and it’s a highly effective tool for that purpose. 

With the help of money, we can buy the things we want. With money, our lives aren’t limited by the things we can create ourselves. We don’t have to build the house; we can buy it. We don’t have to make the clothes or the food; we can buy them. There’s nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with money – just the beliefs we project onto it. 

You were set up to fail around money from the age of three

As a three-year-old, you began to see life in a whole new way as your senses became alive. 

Through your senses, you began to absorb and make meaning from all the things happening in your environment; both the things said directly AND the stuff you inferred by the way people behaved around you.

It may shock you to know that your childhood DIRECTLY impacts your current relationship with money. 

That’s because you absorbed the money beliefs of the people who took care of you – and then unknowingly and subconsciously made them your own: 

  • So if your parents believed money was hard to earn, you probably find it hard to make money too.  
  • If your mum believed she needed a man to take care of her, you might have this dynamic in your relationship. 
  • If money replaced love and affection, you might think that money can buy you happiness
  • If your family had money and then lost it, you may be scared to start a business or risk investing because it’s all going to go wrong. 

Are you beginning to appreciate the real power of your Money Story? 

Fortunately, your past needn’t equal your future. Your Money Story isn’t set in stone. You DO have the power to change it – journaling can help

Here are some questions to get you started: 

  1. What do you remember about money in your childhood? 
  2. How do you feel when you imagine attracting money into your life? 
  3. What’s your honest opinion about wealthy people? 

And it doesn’t stop there…

As your Money Story changes, so will your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money. 

And in turn, so will your ability to create, use, and build wealth in alignment with the life you want.

Your mindset shift is a wealth-creation catalyst 

You can understand ALL the wealth-creation strategies in the world and still fall short of your money goals. You can know all about investments and the markets, but still, be in a place of lack and struggle because as you’ve seen in this article, wealth-creation is as much mindset as it is strategy. 

If you lead with a negative Money Story, you’ll never quite get where you want. Your saboteurs will stop you. But do the work to hardwire a Money Story that makes it safe for you to be wealthy, and EVERYTHING will change. 

That’s why the Financially Happy Program starts with Intentional CLARITY. 

As part of this first module, you’ll dive deep into your Money Story – and learn how to write one that serves you and the life you want to live. 

It’s a beautiful shift that creates more freedom for you to explore, which is what humans actually want. 

We are spiritual beings in a physical body who crave a limitless life. 

Our souls want to experience it all. 

And since money is the tool for stepping into that possibility, how can it be ‘greedy’ or ‘selfish’ to want more?

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