Lindy Kanan

The Financially Happy program provided me a really great pathway in terms of being more intentional and more conscious about money and my spending. I’ve been investing in my relationship with my finances for a couple of years now,

and the Financially Happy program opened up even more possibilities for me.

One of the best things has been having more confidence in myself. A year ago, if I would’ve thought about becoming a yoga teacher I would have said, “Yeah, no. You’re not flexible enough,” or, “No, you can’t do that.” By the end of the course I had this realization that this is what I really want to do and what I want to explore. I just felt like there were no limits and thought, “Well, why, why can’t I? Of course, I can. I can do that. If I put my intention and passion into it, of course I can do that!” Since completing the program I’ve picked up some side consultancy work as well which absolutely fits my lifestyle and is what I want to be doing.

The Financially Happy program helped me remove blinkers and limitations I’ve been putting on myself, and helped me to believe in myself and discover more of what I’m passionate about.

What I found really useful in the Financially Happy course were the tools for mindfulness like the gratitude exercises, meditation practices and journaling techniques that I’ve now integrated as an ongoing ritual in my day. My meditation practice was something that really evolved and was something that I now want to explore more. Journaling I’ve been using more in ad hoc ways, like when I feel anxious about something, I’ll sit down and free write and I find this is a really good way to get it out and download what’s on my mind. Something unique to this program are the Financially Happy questions – these really helped me tap into my subconscious and stay focused on what I was doing and where I wanted to be in my life.

In terms of my money mindset, I learned to be really conscious about how I’m spending my money and what things are important to me.

Getting my expenditure aligned with my values and priorities has been really valuable.

Before the program a big expenditure in my life were things like takeaway, alcohol, going out for drinks, coffees, etc. I now know I can have the same experiences with my family and friends without having to pay an overpriced restaurant bill or spend money. And now I’ve actually stopped drinking alcohol, and don’t miss it a bit!

It was great to really focus on what my values are and what’s important to me. Right now, that’s my children, who are school age, and wanting to be present for them. They love going out for dinner and they used to always beg me to take them out – probably a pattern they inherited from me. I’ve been able to include them in the learnings of the program and I started to introduce something different. Instead of an expensive meal out, we now go for a picnic, or something that’s a lot cheaper, and the overall experience doesn’t change. We’re still spending time together, but without the financial outlay, and they are learning the value of experiences rather than mindlessly spending money out of habit.

My favorite part of the program was having a like-minded community and regular check-ins with a group of people who were doing the same thing at the same time.

I love having a support group of people from all over the world, and the Financially Happy community creates a container where I am free to express whatever I am feeling and thinking, without having to feel silly or stupid.

They’ve created a really supportive environment where I can ask, ask questions and hear other people’s perspectives and experiences.

I now identify as a Financially Happy person and as someone who knows what’s going on with their finances. Being Financially Happy to me means making really conscious decisions about what I need, what I want, and to know that I’m spending my time and money in line with my values and the things that are important to me. I love knowing what money’s coming in, what money’s going out, where it’s going, and what the end goal that money is attributed to. I am mindful and conscious of the way I spend my time and who I spend it with. I am now someone who enjoys everything that life has to offer, doesn’t let fear stop me from trying new things and isn’t afraid to follow my dreams and get everything out of life that I want.

If you are considering the Financially Happy program I would say, definitely do it!

It’s not something that someone else can do for you. You will get out of it as much as you put into it and if you’re ready for a big transformation then I think it’s a really, really valuable experience, and not just for your finances, but for your well-being and your life.

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