Jorja Watts

Since joining the Financially Happy Program, Jorja has transformed her disempowered relationship with money, reduced her debt by around 90%, and become more Financially Happy than she knew possible.

Before the Financially Happy Program, I was naïve of the extent that money was controlling my life and my happiness. I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, but it wasn’t an optimal situation; I had debt and my safety net of money was only enough to support me for 2 weeks maximum. 

I was controlled by my financial situation. Money was constantly on my mind. I was trying to mentally keep track of my finances. I had no clarity on what I was spending on or saving for. I lacked key financial education which was creating and fueling a negative relationship with money. Once I realised that money was in control, I attempted to grapple with my finances but became overwhelmed very quickly. Every resource that I came across appeared to be written by a privileged man in a suit, which wasn’t applicable to my situation as a young woman living on her own and still studying (no matter how much ‘hip’ or ‘woke’ language they use). 

When I started the Financially Happy Program, I was so afraid of finances and money that I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was working on my financial wellbeing because it wasn’t a topic ever discussed with those around me. 

This program changed all of that.

Money was normalized as a topic for discussion. These discussions came from a place of curiosity, exploration and joy – rather than negativity, shame and discomfort which I had accepted as the norm. 

I love being able to talk about finance with those around me and have robust discussions about why I have made the financial decisions I have made, and be certain in my choices based on what I value and on what I need – rather than bending to what is deemed societally expected or clever marketing campaigns based on scarcity. 

I have been provided with confidence to be able to take control and take what was a negative relationship and transform it into something that is functional, rewarding relationship. 

My growth in confidence and control is evident in how much my financial position has improved. In November 2019, at the beginning of the program my net financial position was $-44,377 but now less than a year later in August 2020 my financial position is a much healthier $-3,387

The Financially Happy Program provided a realistic framework for my cash flow. For the most part, my finances are automated so all the leg work is done. Now, money is rarely on my mind and I’m able to focus on what brings me the most happiness. The program definitely has helped me be financially happy, more than I knew to be possible.

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