Greg Oakford

Life before doing the Financially Happy course, was good, but now it’s even better.  Ultimately, what the course gave me was the confidence and ability to reframe how I looked at money. Previously I thought I had to have a lot of money at some time in the future to be able do the things that I would want to do then. The course showed me that you can be happy and content in the present moment and still have a vision of building towards the future. The Financially Happy saboteurs part of the course was really a great exercise because of being able to reflect on my psychology around money.

The real power of the course was to have the positive psychology activities mixed in rather than just traditional financial advice, which tends to be very black and white.

Identifying my patterns of behavior around spending and why I’m doing certain things was a very insightful thing for me.

Now I’m thinking and behaving differently around money by feeling more empowered with my choices and knowing that when things come up I have a system in place to help with my decisions.  During COVID I noticed I had a habit of adding to the pile rather than subtracting.  I bought a lot of books off Amazon, partially just for the thrill of them turning up at my doorstep.  I identified throughout the Financially Happy course that I had a habit of purchasing more when things got a little bit stressful.  I’ve found that since during the course I’m actually subtracting things from my life – that subtracting has been things like decluttering my living space and even little things like deleting an app off my phone.  Once I noticed my default behavior was to add more things to my pile, I made the shift to subtracting things from my pile. 

This has given me a net better outcome financially, and a more peaceful mindset because I’m not spending as much money and I’m feeling less overwhelmed.

One of the big aha moments for me was taking stock of where I currently am.  It started by looking back at how many years I’ve worked in a full time role, and working out the amount of money I’ve made in salary throughout my career, and what I have left in savings.   At the time it felt like a really jarring exercise, but it was really beneficial to take stock of where I’m at now and see how if I make some little tweaks moving forward, I can accelerate my path to a higher net worth. 

My relationship with money has changed in terms of how I view it.  The course helped me to uncover some familial money beliefs that it’s almost shameful to have money.  I was then able to see how that may have played a factor in how I grew up and shaped my relationship with money. I now have less shame about wanting to aspire to have more.

What made the Financially Happy program stick out for me was the ability to blend psychology with finance.  A course that combined finances and psychology was quite enticing to me and what came out of it were so many tools and practices that I can weave into my everyday life.  One of the intentional living practices that we focused a lot on in the course and that I have brought back into my life was breathwork. It was quite interesting to be even speaking about something like breathwork when you’re talking about finances.  That was what made it really special, to actually involve some other important areas of your life in a conversation around money.  And now I’m happy to say that breathwork has slowly been coming back into my daily routine.

I would now describe myself as a Financially Happy person because I’m more empowered.  I know that I’m still going to slip up and make little mistakes here and there, but I have a plan to keep me on track.  The Financially Happy course has been like a good personal trainer and now it’s my responsibility to do the work and be disciplined in my daily habits. I strongly believe that the foundations that Financially Happy have helped me lay will set me up for a healthy future in terms of both my finances and my approach to life.

If you’re ready to let go of preconceived ideas, really take stock of where you’re currently at and create a path to move forwards then this course is for you.

It’s a really empowering program and you’ll learn a lot about yourself, as well as identifying the amount of money you will need to achieve future aspirations.  If you’re willing to be open and do some honest self-examination along the journey, then this program is for you!

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