Emma Miller

My name is Emma Miller and I am a graduate of the Financially Happy program. I can now say with so much more confidence that I AM Financially Happy. 

This is a really big thing for me to say!  When I first started working with Finnian and the team I had some really debilitating limiting beliefs around money and my relationship to money.  I learned very quickly about my beliefs and how these beliefs were imprinted on me, as well as how I was subsequently behaving, thinking and feeling about money.   I identified how the money saboteurs had stopped me from reaching my potential, and not only that, but even more so what it means to me to have the deep connection to what it means to be human on this planet. 

The realization that was huge for me was that money is just an energy and what money does is give you opportunity.

That’s definitely the greatest takeaway I have from the course.  Talking about finances and money, and certainly in the culture that I grew up in, was not always easy to do or comfortable. And it certainly was not a comfortable journey for me, but I was willing to try and I was willing to work through some of my limiting beliefs because I want a better life for myself, for my family, and for the people that I’m serving with the work that I do.

I am really excited to say that it has helped me immensely and measurably to work towards not only financial freedom but financial happiness. I think one of the strongest strengths that Finnian and the team have is their science based approach with the understanding of how feelings and spirituality intersect with your finances.  They have successfully managed to create and combine these approaches and understandings of ways of being and ways of living. This really resonated with me and my approach to life and work. 

This course is one of the strongest I have seen  – their exercises and tools guide you and lead you in a balance that is both challenging, yet creates curiosity and awareness and the invitation to grow –  even through some of the more uncomfortable conversations around what money means for you in your life. 

I would 100% recommend the Financially Happy program and I want to say a huge thank you to the Financially Happy team for your energy, passion, compassion and empathy. 

I’m so grateful to you all for supporting me on my journey and I look forward to continuing on my Financially Happy journey!

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