Effie Asafu Adjaye

My name is Effie, and I live in Australia and I’m a recent graduate of the Financially Happy program. The most exciting change I’ve had since the program is having a new level of energy and positivity around my finances. I learned that whilst I build my wealth, there are smart ways to spend on what I like and not feel limited. So now, I’m spending wisely and in an empowered way, and at the same time making really big leaps towards my financial goals.

Before the Financially Happy program I had a financial strategy in place, I was living within a budget and working towards growing my investments.

But the program helped me look at my finances more holistically, reassess my values and big picture goals, and then use my spending in more intentional ways to actually be living my big dreams now.

I also learned how to make subtle tweaks to my mindset so that I can hit my long term goals faster.

My experience with money has shifted in the sense that even though I was budgeting, investing and being relatively responsible, I still always had worries around the future. But now I’ve learned new ways to be happy in the moment and know that everything’s taken care of. I’ve made connections through the program that are helping me to stay accountable to my plan. The program really opens you up to new opportunities that help you progress along your journey.

A big shift for me was being able to identify some of my money saboteurs. I was able to see ways that I was actually getting in the way of myself and blocking not only my financial goals, but other goals I had set for my life. It was really interesting to identify the patterns that have played out in my past and then be able to put some strategies in place to deal with them.

I’ve found that with traditional financial education, the general theme is that life’s all about squirreling away money so that when you’re 75 you can then live your dreams. Financially Happy shows you how you can actually find ways to spend your time and your money, to live your dream life now, whilst also having a financial plan to see this materialize even more. 

In the program we learned a lot about intentionality and what that meant for me was how to really live on purpose every day, rather than just being on autopilot. 

One of the biggest takeaways from the course was structuring my morning routine in a new way, so that I’m really setting myself up to win, before tackling the day. 

As a Financially Happy person I would describe myself as living a really full life every single day.  With the Financially Happy transformation it’s been interesting to see how you just do small things every day, and within a couple of months you start to notice some big shifts in your life. If you are considering enrolling in the program, I would absolutely recommend that you jump on it!  Any hesitation that you might have could actually be your money saboteurs blocking you from making progress.  It’s absolutely worth the investment in time and your resources. So I would say absolutely get started as soon as you can!

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