Dani Wales

Dani Wales is the Creative Director at Red Door Project. Based in Australia, R.D.P is a full-service design and construction outfit, specialising in boutique residential projects. 

Dani has been working with Finnian for a while. This is her Financially Happy story…

Thanks to the work I’ve done with Finnian, I’ve managed to pull myself out of a reckless spend cycle into an intentional spend and purposeful save cycle. At the start, I felt like the investment in my financial health and wellbeing would be challenging, but I now know it’s an investment into achieving and maintaining our financial happiness. 

There’s absolutely no way we’d be in the position we are now [and will be in the years to come] without Finnian’s philosophy and ongoing support and guidance.

Financially Happy has transformed so much for me – especially my relationship with money. 

For example, the idea of living each day with intent and approaching each new opportunity holistically removes the anxiety I used to have around money. I’ve also noticed how my mindset around how money serves me has matured. 

In the past, while I instinctively looked to future opportunities with optimism, I always saw the financial requirements to get there as hurdles. 

Through working with Finnian, I’ve been able to reprogram my thinking to view opportunities holistically. 

This has enabled me to shift the finance requirements from hurdles, into opportunities. It’s also allowed me to look at each new earning avenue in a more positive light and not as “work”, but as a vehicle to help me live more intentionally. I’ve realised it’s about staying focused on the now and understanding what’s required in each moment to reach each new opportunity.

My biggest takeaway since working with Finnian is definitely the idea that literally anything is possible. 

I’ve always been an optimist, which has always been met in the past with pessimism. Thanks to Finnian, I’ve learnt to block out the noise and manifest my reality. The intentional living practices I’ve adopted since working with Finnian have helped a lot with this. For example, daily gratitudes and meditation allow me to remain focused on the things I want to achieve because luck does not exist. 

I only pursue and continue with relationships that serve me.

The positive energy exchange we feel from a conversation with Finnian is addictive and something we look forward to.

Finnian’s entire approach along with his honesty and authentic joy at the success of others is contagious.

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