Chantal Tennant

I love systematization, and the Financially Happy program brought this to a whole new level by combining spirituality, finance and personal growth processes into a really lovely combination and formulated process.  

Before Financially Happy, I had a lot of these ideas of how I wanted to structure things or how I wanted to systemize my finances.

After Financially Happy, I had a framework in place to be able to implement that systematization and see the results.

Ultimately, what the Financially Happy program does is it gets you to do a deep dive into yourself and document what it is that your true self desires.  Through that process, you bring unconscious behaviors into the conscious realm that allows you to make different choices.  You’re not just looking at the dollars in your bank account, you’re taking into account the frequency that you’re operating at, meaning what you energetically put out to the world and how you can align that with your finances.  Finnian says that money is the thread that flows through everything.  The program really illuminated how money is just the end result of the actions that you’re taking in your life. 

With these realizations, becoming Financially Happy will set you up to have more choice and freedom in life. 

We are so incredibly emotionally attached to money, and because of that really strong emotional attachment, whatever that relationship is that you have with money is also going to play out in all the relationships that you have in your life. The Financially Happy program really illuminated that our relationship with money can be an entry point into greater levels of personal development and self-awareness.

A major takeaway for me is that managing your finances can actually be fairly easy once you have a framework in place. 

If you do the work at the beginning and set up the Financially Happy systems, it then becomes an easy thing to review and reiterate each month.  And then it takes it off  that constant back burner of your mind saying “Oh, I really should be doing something about my finances,” and your finances turn into a source of confidence and pride as you see your assets grow. 

We vote with our money and spend it on things that bring us some sort of value or affirmation.  When you can start to really identify and link your values to where you’re spending your money, – whether that be consciously or unconsciously –  you can review that and realize, “Oh wow, I was feeling this particular way on that particular day, and the actions that I took was, I went on an online shopping binge, or I went and I spent a lot of money on really gourmet foods,” and then you can identify what the trigger was for spending that money.  Then you start to look at the behaviors and think, would I make a different decision next time? Was that in line with my values? Was that a value add to my life or was that a distraction? When you train yourself to constantly have that feedback loop, you’re reassessing on a regular basis, and when you’re reassessing on a regular basis, your feedback loop starts to guide you in an intentional direction.

I have a lot of friends that are  just starting out in their careers and their lives, and other friends that are further on down the path and they are all struggling with money, or they won’t even talk about it. Money is still so much of a taboo topic.  Financially Happy provides a really nice way of being able to have that discussion with other people who are willing to change this paradigm.  Unless you actually put in a framework like this around like how your finances operate, then you’re limited. You’re limiting your choices and the opportunities you have in life. 

I think it’s incredibly important that this financial literacy and knowledge is available for everyone – any age, any gender, any socioeconomic background and at any stage of your life.

However, there are so many women that I come across that are in positions where they don’t have the financial knowledge to be able to make choices that are going to be able to empower them.  Women need to learn the language of financial literacy in order to be able to have those conversations and to learn how the financial system works.  

Since doing the Financially Happy program I feel a greater sense of peacefulness, because I know what’s happening with my finances and feel empowered to move things in alignment with my purpose and values. 

What’s unique is that in this program you apply the framework not only to your finances, but it also forces you to look at your relationships, your career and your overall well being.   It’s a multi-dimensional process and it has taken away a lot of my worries and allowed me to be a lot more grounded.  Being Financially Happy gives you permission to dream and do what you want in your life. 

If you are considering the Financially Happy program, I would ask you – are you ready to change? Are you ready to give yourself permission to make a major shift in your life?

Once you have this awareness and you’ve been provided with a framework like this, you’re going to be a different person.  The Financially Happy program absolutely sets you up to succeed in life, and the earlier that you can do it, the better!

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