How I Created My Bucket List Lifestyle

A lot of people ask me how I’ve been able to create the life I now lead. The short answer is the Financially Happy Lifestyle

The longer answer is revealed in this article… 

What is Financially Happy? 

To summarise, Financially Happy is the idea that you can be happy AND wealthy at the same time
That you don’t need to choose between one or the other. 
Or prioritise one over the other. 

Instead, it’s a methodology [and a lifestyle] that not only gives you BOTH… 

But gives you both NOW. 

The NOW piece is the unexpected power of this philosophy. 

And I’m going to show you why by sharing a little of my personal story. 

But first, some context…

When you look at the average human timeline, you’ll see that it’s all geared towards what happens next. 

Think about your own life…

When you were at school, it was all about getting to the next year.
Then to college or university. 

Then when you got to university, it became about getting the career. 
Then about climbing the career ladder. 

Then about finding your soulmate. 
Then getting the house. 
Then creating the family!

As a society, we’re obsessed about what’s next! 

Because we’ve been programmed to believe that our best is yet to come. 

As a result, we’ve trained our minds to believe that somehow, the future is better than the here and now. 

And it’s such a destructive place to be. 

I’ve been there…

There was a time in my life when I was all about the chase too. 

I believed the next thing was going to be the thing that finally made me feel as though I’d arrived. 

But it wasn’t. The second I hit a milestone, I was off chasing the next thing… because that conventional path never quite hit the spot. 

My life turned around when my relationship broke down. 

This was the wake-up call I needed to take responsibility for the fact that my life wasn’t working. 

I needed unconventional answers – so I flew to Europe to walk the Camino across France and Northern Spain. This pilgrimage proved to be a turning point in my life. 

As I walked, I had plenty of time to truly be with myself – maybe for the first time. 

I asked questions of myself that I’d never contemplated before. 

I got answers – some hurt, many healed, and others eradicated the faulty programming that had me forever chasing in the first place. 

Most importantly, the Camino taught me the power of the NOW. 

For the first time, I understood – at a visceral level – that the only moment that’s real is THIS PRESENT MOMENT. 

The past is simply memories and the future is just hope. 

Meaning the only time I can impact is the present. 

Meaning, if I couldn’t be happy NOW… I wouldn’t be happy in the future either. 

This experience caused me to overhaul and redesign my life. 

With the help of Intentional VISIONING, I got clear on how I wanted to live. Most importantly, I specified the FEELINGS I wanted to feel. Then I began to optimise my life for FEELINGS… not things. 

With this understanding, I was able to transform the role of money and wealth in my life. 

Instead of chasing a bigger bank balance and the fallacy of ‘financial freedom’, I began to allocate money to create PEACE, PURPOSE, and POWER in my life. 

I began to see money as a spiritual, creative resource that allowed me to express myself and my desires – rather than the status it had been for me previously. 

This blend of intentional living with financial mastery morphed into what is now the Financially Happy philosophy

And it changed my life. 

Honestly, it may have even saved my life. 

Because it was the permission slip I craved to live life on MY TERMS.
To do the things I desired – in the order I desired. 
To let go of all the things I thought I needed to have and do to be loved and accepted.

It empowered me to invest in courses centered around spirituality and personal growth [with teachers including Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and more] so I could deepen my understanding about how to truly live in the now. 

To become a breathwork practitioner. 

To travel internationally facilitating retreats on intentional living. 

It’s why I’m grateful for the Financially Happy philosophy every single day.

And because of the impact it had on me, I’ve made it my mission to share its power – because I believe it can impact you too. 

Here’s the thing… 

Our current money paradigm is outdated, harmful, and limiting. 

As a society, we’ve put money on a status pedestal – and it’s caused us to chase all the wrong things. 

We’ve willingly closed down our true desires because we believe getting the money first is the answer. 


Especially when you realise that your dream life isn’t as expensive as you imagine. 

I guarantee, when you design your life to be Financially Happy, you’ll find the things you crave are a lot closer than you imagined. 

Plus, because you’re happier, you’ll attract riches. 

It’s my hope that by sharing my story with you, you’ll see the huge opportunity that Financially Happy offers for your finances and your life. 

This program IS my life’s work [so far!] 

It will teach you EVERYTHING I know about how to create and manage all the money you desire to live the life YOU want. 

It teaches you the mindset piece too – which is often the biggest shift for people. 

Finally, you get to drop all the faulty programming that suffocates your dreams, confuses you with money, and locks you in social-imposed chains you never needed. 

Finally, you’ll know how to optimise your cash flow, create financial security, invest with confidence, AND have money to do all those things on your bucket list. 

Most importantly, you get a chance to live with more choice – and fewer limits. 

And because Financially Happy ways compound over time, you’ll pave the way for a quantum leap with your money and your life too. 

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