101 Pain-Free Ways To Cut Spending Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

In our modern world, money is the thread that flows through EVERYTHING… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to the energy of money, we don’t have to choose a subsistence lifestyle! Instead, we’re free to attract abundance for something we love – then use our wealth to buy everything else. 

As a form of exchange, creativity, and self-expression, money holds limitless potential. No wonder attracting more of it a common goal!

Which brings me to the pressing question…

How do you increase your wealth? 

In theory, wealth-creation is ridiculously simple. 

All you need to do is spend less than you earn and invest the rest [wisely, of course]. 

In short, the science of wealth-creation is ALL about what you do with your surplus – i.e. the gap between what comes in and what goes out each month. 

If you increase your surplus, you will increase your wealth because you can: 

✅ Invest more [and ALL wealthy people invest]

✅ Start doing things you say you can’t afford currently 

✅ Save towards your bigger goals and intentions

✅ Have more freedom to live YOUR bucket list lifestyle

Here’s the good news…

You don’t need to wait for a pay rise or a change in circumstances to increase your surplus. 

This is a huge wealth-creation myth that I want to dismantle RIGHT NOW. 

The reality is you have wealth hidden in your CURRENT circumstances that you’re not using optimally. That’s because most people have monthly outgoings that: 

✅ Are unnecessary

✅ Don’t add value 

✅ Don’t create joy 

If you take steps to eradicate the expenses that fall into the categories above, you’ll increase your wealth INSTANTLY. 

Most importantly, through this strategy, you’ll increase your wealth in a way that doesn’t involve penny-pinching or stinginess. In short, you can become wealthier without negatively impacting your lifestyle! 

There’s more…

Don’t be surprised if your choice to intentionally reduce your expenses actually makes you happier – because once you’re done; more of your money will be allocated to the things you care about. 

This shift in spending feels great. 

And it’s just one of the ways Financially Happy makes you feel happier AND wealthier. 

What sort of savings are possible?

To give you an idea of what’s possible, here’s an idea of the money you could free up by tweaking your expenses. 

Take some time to calculate your own…

Monthly savingsAdditional annual cash
Brew your coffee at home instead – $60$720 – could be a mini-vacation
Cancel those unused subscriptions and memberships – $80$960 invested could grow to nearly %1000 if you got a 4% return
Drinks & food at home instead of going out – $150$1,800 – means you can invest in a hobby you can’t afford currently
Buy with a debit NOT a debit card – $400
[Don’t be surprised if you spend 25% less shopping with debit rather than credit cards]
$4,800 – could become a house deposit after a couple of years
[Insert your example]
*Savings aren’t guaranteed. This table is just an indication of what could be possible. 

Remember, every dollar you DON’T spend on things that don’t bring joy is an EXTRA dollar to invest in the things that really matter. 

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