How To Be Financially Happy & Live A Bucket List Lifestyle

Have you ever told yourself that life will be so much better when you have more money? 

If so, you’re not alone. So many of us dream of a time when we’ll be debt or mortgage-free; or when our bank balance is big enough to do the things we really want. No wonder the promise of financial freedom is so enticing! It’s a lot of fun dreaming about the unrestricted, unlimited life you can live when you have all the money you want.

But it’s also a dangerous distraction…

Chances are, financial freedom isn’t happening anytime soon! And that doesn’t mean you’re not successful. It’s just that true financial freedom requires a level of net worth that takes time to build. 

So how are you going to live in the meantime? 

I get it; it’s easy to believe your circumstances can change dramatically given time. Fast-forward five, ten, even 15 years from now and it’s conceivable you’ll have taken the steps to create a level of wealth that gives you unlimited freedom. 

But are you willing to write off a chunk of your life before you truly live?
Are you willing to cross your fingers for a ‘better’ future while you compromise and sacrifice now? 

I think that’s a crappy way to live your life – especially when the passing of time doesn’t guarantee financial freedom. Truth is, you could compromise for YEARS and still not create the freedom you imagine. 

In fact, you may even grow your assets to the point where you think financial freedom will happen – only to be bogged down by more stress, more money worries, and more anxiety than you feel right now! 

[That was certainly the case for me.] 

I know it sounds like a cliche, but more money by itself won’t make you freer. So please stop chasing financial freedom as the secret to your dream life. It’s not. If you don’t feel incredible about your life now, you won’t feel better when you have more money [in fact, money simply magnifies your current feelings.] 

If you don’t want to wait for more happiness, freedom, and wealth, the secret is to find the feelings you’re looking for NOW. 

An experience you can create for yourself when you choose to be Financially Happy. 

Keep reading and I’ll show you how…

What does it mean to be Financially Happy? 

A Financially Happy person loves the way their finances enhance their life NOW. 

[Notice the present tense in the definition above? That bit is super important.]

They don’t worry about money and they’re not obsessing about how much better things will be in the future. They don’t wait for tomorrow before they feel good. Instead, they’re focused on optimizing and maximizing their money so they can live the most incredible life TODAY. 

Here’s the interesting thing…

Financially happy people aren’t necessarily super-rich [although they can be]. You don’t even need to change your financial situation to become financially happy because this is a state you can feel without earning a dollar more. 

Instead, what defines financially happy people is their intentional relationship with money. Here’s what that looks like: 

  • They’re not waiting until they’ve cleared their mortgage, paid off their debts, or built a 7-figure business to feel good about their money.
  • They know exactly how to allocate their money to feel fulfilled in the now – while planning for an amazing future. 
  • They’ve created financial peace to protect their lifestyle and feel secure with their money
  • They’re intentional with their spending and they feel no shame, guilt, or financial hangovers around their choices.
  • They’ve locked down their values and understand how to allocate financial resources to magnify these values
  • They’re confident too – making better decisions because they create from a place of abundance and opportunity – not scarcity and fear. 
  • They also know how to invest strategically for big goals 

Financially Happy people feel empowered around money, which means they create more of it too! It’s how the Financially Happy lifestyle creates millionaires who are both happy AND wealthy. YES! You can have the financial wealth you want and the bucket list lifestyle you desire – at the same time!

A new way to live your bucket list lifestyle

Financially Happy people DO desire living in an incredible home, setting foot on breathtaking beaches, and having the space to explore their passions.  

You CAN want it all! [And that’s not a ‘bad’ thing.] 

But here’s the shocker…

It’s not things themselves that create happiness; it’s the way those things make you FEEL. And when you know it’s the feelings you want, you can intentionally design your life to evoke the emotions that make you feel alive. 

  • You can make a corner of your home feel beautiful and luxurious – you don’t actually need the house to feel good.
  • You can find adventure on your doorstep. You don’t have to travel the world. After all, someone else’s bucket list desire is in your neighborhood. 
  • You don’t have to spend $000s buying a ticket for that must-go retreat. You can create a sense of growth through reading, informal accountability, and spiritual practices such as journaling. 

When you learn to create the feelings you want in the NOW, 

you become superhuman. 

When you create the life you want TODAY, 

you have no need to fast-forward your life.

Financially Happy people have already arrived to where they want to be. And now you can do the same.

The Five Steps To A Financially Happy Life

The Financially Happy Framework will transform your relationship with money so you can increase your wealth AND happiness by living [and affording] a bucket list lifestyle. 

STEP 1: Intentional CLARITY. 

The first step to any transformation is awareness. That’s why you’ll start your Financially Happy journey getting crystal clear on where you are with your wealth and happiness TODAY. This involves:

  • Calculating your net worth – so you know what finances you’ve got to work with
  • Becoming a detective of your spending patterns to reclaim hidden wealth
  • Unlocking your Money Story – because your beliefs determine your abundance
  • Identifying the THREE saboteurs that are stealing your bucket list lifestyle today. 

STEP 2: Intentional VISIONING. 

With Financially Happy, NOTHING is off-limits. You can have anything you like because EVERYTHING is possible in the field of potentiality. During this second step, you’ll define your bucket list lifestyle in technicolor detail. This involves: 

  • Defining how you want to FEEL – so you can intentionally build a life that evokes those emotions. 
  • Powerful visioning exercises that help you see your future
  • Positive psychology practices that rewire your mindset to eradicate fearful thoughts and switch on abundance
  • Raising the bar of what you BELIEVE you can attract into your life – opening the door to more

STEP 3: Intentional PLANNING. 

Next, you’ll ground your vision in reality by masterminding the rock-solid Wealth-Creation and Money Mindset plans you need to bring your dreams to life. This involves: 

  • Calculating how much your bucket list lifestyle cost – PLUS the wealth-creation strategies you’ll use to manifest that wealth [such as intentional investing and cash flow allocation]
  • Design your Cash Flow Management Plan – so you can organize your money in designated accounts and spend without guilt, shame, or financial hangovers
  • Deciding how to protect your lifestyle so you NEVER have to worry about money again. Ever. Period! 

STEP 4: Intentional ACTION. 

Next, it’s time to implement your Wealth Creation & Money Mindset Plans – and start investing too! This involves: 

  • Implementing your Cash Hub system. With this system in place, your money will move on autopilot in a predictable way – eradicating 99% of the financial stress and guilt women like you feel. 
  • Switching on your inner Warren Buffett so you can start investing with confidence 


Finally, you’ll decide how to stay on track with Intentional ACCOUNTABILITY so you can live your bucket list lifestyle every day. This involves:  

  • Implementing structures that protect you from bad habits; making your transformation to a Financially Happy person permanent. 

Transform your life permanently

Financially Happy isn’t a sticking plaster solution that offers short-term results followed by a slippery slope back to disempowering habits and behaviours. 

Instead, Financially Happy can be yours for life…

So if you’re ready to: 

  • Get what you want – and fund it all with ease
  • Leverage money to be happy AND wealthy NOW.
  • Focus on opportunity and possibility – NOT scarcity, limitations, and restrictions
  • Check through your ever-increasing bucket list with ease, synchronicity, and grace. 

The Financially Happy Program might just change your life. Find out more when you CLICK HERE.

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